Nikolay Ivanov Vitkov

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

About Me

A self-taught Programmer, who is passionate for solving complex problems. My mathematical and logical skills are the main thing, that helps me overcome such challenges. I have been currently developing new aspects and skills, related to coaching others and identifying the perfect fit for a position. I am working on expanding and improving my photography portfolio, to take it to a professional level.


Front End Development:

  • Fundamental:
    • HTML
    • CSS / SASS
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScripts
  • Frameworks:
    • Vue.JS
    • React.JS
  • Testing - Jest and Chai/Mocha.

Back End Development:

  • Frameworks:
    • PHP - Laravel
    • Node.JS - Express, Apollo
    • GraphQL
  • Nginx
  • WebSockets
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

Other Computer Skills:

  • Bash Scripting
  • Cron Jobs
  • C/C++ Knowledge
  • Python Knowledge
  • Mentoring skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Mircosoft Office
  • Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop


  • Bulgarian
  • English

Additional skills

  • Video recording
  • Photography
Work Experience

Software Development - April 2020


Video sharing platform.
  • Understanding the old codebase (Homebrew framework and CoffieScript, AngularJS) and new Vue.JS with TypeScripts
  • Develope features for the player. Worked on 360 video
  • Created reusable Chart Components for their reusable repo.
  • Continue to have excellent a11y and i18n functionality.

Brokerage software - July 2019

Non-work project

The project is for internal system of a brokerage house. It required fast load times and update on the fly. Creating detailed statistic of user actions. Like other system customizable permission system and restriction.
  • Choose technologies to use. Bootstrap the project. (Laravel and Vue.JS)
  • Set up server and back-up procedures. Create remote connections and manage security.
  • Integrhttp-serverated WebSockets for real-time communication and data update.
  • Create a solution to import an old platforms data and images.

Junior Software Development - July 2019


The project featured a multi-site platform with custom eCommerce website, with a .NET REST API, and SSO integrations.
  • Migration from old PHP system to a Custom Multi-site Laravel platform
  • Developing new features for the current codebase
  • Lead the migration of the eCommerce site from old PHP base to brand new Vue.JS SPA
  • Created a sustainable way to reuse code and styles across the multi-site platform

Junior Software Development - June 2019


Worked on the creation of an eCommerce WordPress Plugin and accompanying theme. It required a connection to external service and syncing data.

Software Development Intern - March 2019


Developed internal software for communication and profile sharing.
  • Schedule meeting between users
  • Role/Permission System
  • Rating system - mentors can rate a student
Additional requirements:
  • Laravel - REST API
  • OAuth2 Authentication - Google Authentication
  • Vue.JS - SPA web application.

Accounting software - February 2018

National High School Trade and Commerce

Was task to develop specific accounting software.
Web application was chosen for remotely access.
The Software was developed in PHP 7.1 and used MySQL database to store the information.

National High School Trade and Commerce - Economist-Computer scientist

Graduated with excellent grades in Computer Science and Economics. Perfect score on final exam.